Get To Know How Global Sevilla Integrate The Cambridge Curriculum In Its Programs

¬¬¬Get To Know How Global Sevilla Integrate The Cambridge Curriculum In Its Programs

One international school can be called as Cambridge school since they implement the curriculum. But how they use it? In this case, one particular school in Jakarta tries to integrate the curriculum in effective ways. Namely, Global Sevilla Cambridge school Jakarta, one of many international schools that worth seeing.


An International School That Help Students To Grow As A Whole Person

International School in Jakarta – Worth noting that Global Sevilla integrating the mindfulness approach in their program to support character development. The student will have the times to reflect, share, and feeling gratitude for the current situation. The meaning of this approach is mainly to help developing student characteristics, without only focusing on the academic result.

Eventually, Cambridge itself has a similar goal. Which is not only emphasizing academic success, but also personal development and growth. A positive outcome is expected as the children will be happy in the learning process, loves the class, active in the class, have a strong positive characteristic, and also excel in the academic aspect.


Given In A Very Diverse Curriculum For Each Different Level Of Study

Another thing that makes this Cambridge school Jakarta worth seeing is how each of the levels has a different curriculum. Depending on the education levels, Global Sevilla provides a different curriculum to match the learners’ needs. The basic intention of the Cambridge curriculum is still at hand, while the related curriculum is differing at each level.

For instance, is the playgroup and the kindergarten level. Global Sevilla implements IEYC or the international Early Years Curriculum that allows students to learn while playing. At the primary Level, Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and IPC are used. While for the secondary school, there are three Cambridge curricula to help to prepare students for a higher institution.


Three Different Cambridge Curricula Are Given For Higher Grade Students

At a higher level, students will get to face three different Cambridge curricula that are given based on their grades. The lower secondary checkpoint is given for grade 7 – 8 students. For grades 9 to 10 of this Cambridge school Jakarta will be a Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. While the grade 11 – 12 will use Cambridge international A level and A. 

For parents who are looking for a high quality international, Global Sevilla can be the perfect place to choose. It is safe to say that the curriculum blended in perfectly with the school vision and mission to create a student as a whole individual. The student will not only focus on academic achievement, but also their mental, individual, and characteristic.

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